Capturing engaging photos for social media

Photography is one of the most effective means of communication for social media and print because of how engaging content can be. But their effectiveness relies on how good a photo is, or better yet, how not boring it can be. Cell phones are great because they put quality cameras at our fingertips, but in this seminar, I will focus on teaching methods for capturing iconic moments. It’s inconceivable to teach PIOs every function on a camera in a 1-2-hour session but discovering potential character in a photograph is more important than technical knowledge. Gone are the days of workers standing around posing or these shoulder to shoulder group photos. We need to interact and engage with our customers, which involves photographers following the action, we’re taking pictures of opportunities. I plan to utilize last year’s CAPIO Photograph of excellence award to break down the tactics I used to capture that moment. How to properly balance a photo with people, the work they’re performing, and the atmosphere in the environment. This seminar will help bring mundane photos to life and showcase the value a public utility provides to its customers.

Joseph Zumbo
Date & Time
Wednesday, November 3, 2021, 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM