Beyond branding: how to build an effective key messaging campaign to promote your organization
As a PIO, you help tell the story of how your organization makes a difference in the community. But how many people outside of your agency actually know about the important work you do? Can everyone in your organization quickly describe your work, mission and values in a way that even your next-door neighbor could understand? Are you able to succinctly talk about important policies and initiatives so that policymakers, stakeholders and the media care? Beyond branding, an effective key messaging campaign can tell a story and create a narrative for your organization and its work. Used effectively, key messages help create uniformity and inform all communications methods from social media to employee recognition. In this session you will learn the tips, tools and strategies for creating proactive and impactful key messages that can be used by your organization to promote the difference you make, the important work you do every day, increase morale, and affect public policy and perception. Learning how to effectively message your work will empower your workforce and ultimately create a narrative leading to a more effective organization. A hands-on exercise will provide you with the first step you’ll need to lead a messaging campaign in your organization.
Louise Grasmehr
Date & Time
Thursday, November 4, 2021, 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM