Calming the crisis through storytelling – Bobcat Fire
In September 2020, the Bobcat Fire erupted in Azusa, California, and quickly moved towards the foothill communities and Monrovia. A fire of this size had not been seen in Monrovia for over 40 years, and it became the second largest fire in LA County’s history. Due to the demand for updated, accessible, and trustworthy information, the Monrovia PIO team accepted the challenge to become a recognized outlet for producing emergency communications. The PIO team was tasked with interpreting fire operational terminology and conveying this information to the public in simple, understandable terms. This session will provide insight and recommendations on how to share formal directives to mitigate potential issues, but at the same time, explained “why” these directives were important and how each resident could play their part. Instead of pushing out content with technical jargon, attendees will learn how to strategize and deliver updates that are unique and spoken to the audience by bringing them along on the path to combatting the crisis. From acres strategically burned to Blackhawk helicopters working the perimeter, intrigue your readers and keep them coming back by sharing compelling details.
Date & Time
Friday, November 5, 2021, 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM