Full Name
Tiffany Baca
Job Title
Public Affairs Manager
Municipal Water District of Orange County
Speaker Bio
Tiffany Baca is a dynamic, motivated public relations strategist with an extensive background in high-impact, multi-dimensional communications and has proven award-winning success building strong brands and strong communities. Each day, Tiffany mobilizes internal and external creative teams to conceptualize, execute, and advance strategies and campaigns that educate, inform, and inspire action. In addition to creating award-winning logos, websites, and brands, she has written and implemented award-winning campaigns and strategic plans, re-imaged long-standing, well-respected programs, and forged new ones. Tiffany prides herself on identifying and cultivating strategic partnerships that thrive.
Tiffany is also committed to the health and reliability of our natural resources and the knowledge, strength, and resiliency of the next generation of California citizens. She works closely with education leaders to ensure that all California’s K-12 students have access to impactful, local environment-based learning experiences that logically prepare them to approach larger statewide and global challenges. She is a member of the California Environmental Literacy Leadership Council and is steadfast in the belief that investments in our young people today will ultimately contribute to the health and welfare of future workers, their families, and the state’s economy. Additionally, Tiffany leads the Water Energy Education Alliance, a powerful Southern California coalition of education and water and energy industry leaders working to build and strengthen career pathway programs for California students.
Pledging each day to be an instrument of what’s possible, Tiffany is also a multi-media artist who has exhibited in galleries for over 20 years (tiffanybaca.com), donating her artwork to worthy organizations that align with her values, vision, and hope for the future. She has found success in her both her creative and professional endeavors, blending dynamic, vibrant content with heart, reason, and strategy.
Tiffany Baca