Date & Time
Tuesday, May 2, 2023, 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM
Status Update: Herding Your Social Media Mayhem into One Cohesive Voice

Social media platforms have been around longer than some of the professionals using them; all government communicators are well-versed on the channels and rare is an agency without a social presence. With all the staff changes, and great ideas that get abandoned, what do you do when your social media plan has lost the plot? In this session, three communications pros from neighboring cities discuss how they recognized the problem, organized their social presence, refined their internal communications team, and set the new the criteria for posts all to maximize their agency’s social voice. Were there pitfalls and roadblocks? Oh yes there were, and they will discuss those, too. The challenges of cleaning up social platform mayhem within an agency is real and these pros have some words of wisdom. Key takeaways from this session will include how to recognize a rudderless social media strategy and strategies for righting the ship and unifying your agency under one voice. The panel and moderator will be made up of communication leadership from the cities of Belmont San Carlos, and Foster City, all, neighboring cities on the Peninsula in San Francisco’s Bay Area.

Kellie Benz Jozi Plut Samantha Weigel Chrysa Perakis
Location Name
Regency IV - VI