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Tuesday, May 2, 2023, 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM
Winning Recruitment Strategies for Law Enforcement in a Post COVID, Social Justice World

The past several years of social upheaval have created recruitment challenges for law enforcement agencies throughout California and across the country. Some are calling it a public safety emergency. Simply put, fewer people are choosing law enforcement as a career and existing police officers are choosing to leave the profession in greater numbers. This means there is intense competition for those recent graduates of police academies and officers seeking lateral transfers. At the same time, police departments are seeking to ensure their racial makeup reflects the community they serve. They are also working on improving their image and building trust with residents. The City of Clovis is in the middle of a wide reaching, multi-pronged marketing campaign to recruit new and lateral officers, increase our department’s diversity, and build our brand. Our team will share lessons learned as we created a campaign utilizing television, digital/social media, and in person gatherings. We will share examples of video created during the campaign, social media success stories, and show how a department with any size budget can replicate our efforts. While this presentation focuses on recruitment and branding efforts by law enforcement, the best practices and lessons learned are applicable to any agency struggling to recruit a talented, diverse workforce.

Chad McCollum Ty Wood Meredith Alexander
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