Getting personal time back: how automated WebChat and SMS Chat can help the PIO get their personal time back and make local government more effective and responsive.
As connectivity through social media evolves, the local government reacts by putting more responsibility on the PIO's shoulders. What was a busy day job has now turned into a 24/7 role as residents' expectations for responsiveness increase and local government asks the PIO to figure it out. Who tracks Facebook, NextDoor, and Twitter and didn't necessarily have to 5 years ago? You know who. PIO's are losing their personal time and are maxed out because of these reactive social media channels, which impacts all aspects of their daily life. "Should I go to sleep or spend time with my family, or should I respond to this public complaint on Facebook?" asks the PIO. Enter the automated chatbot through the local government website and through SMS, where connectivity is made easier and proactive as opposed to the reactive channels like Facebook, NextDoor, and Twitter. Speaker Bratton Riley, CEO of Citibot, will demonstrate how the AI driven chatbot, through web and SMS, operates as the 24/7 proactive communication channel between the resident and their government. PIO's can go to sleep at night knowing that at anytime, the resident will get that instant gratification of the immediate response to questions, service requests, complaints, and yes -- even compliments! We have these interactive customer service tools with our bank, our preferred airline, and tech companies; come see how local governments from across the country are using the chatbot to increase connectivity, enhance customer service, build trust and confidence in the local government, and yes, taking the workload off the PIO!
Bratton Riley
Date & Time
Friday, November 5, 2021, 10:15 AM - 11:15 AM