Trust your gut or trust the facts?

Too often, communications professionals are asked to react to a situation: a newsworthy action by a city employee, a social media gaffe, or a report by the media that casts your agency in a negative light.  With little time to put together a detailed response, you typically rely on your gut instincts.  But there’s another way.

Join the Director of the City of Stockton’s Office of Performance and Data Analytics along with the former analytics lead for the City of Jackson, MS to learn simple ways to use your agency’s data to cut through the noise on issues you face.  The sessions is not designed for “techies,” but for communications professionals who are curious about leveraging data to move discussions from the realm of opinion to that of facts.  This collaborative workshop is broken into two portions, the first part of the session will lay the foundation:

  • Open data – what is it, why is it important, what to do with it
  • Leveraging your agency’s data to improve performance and tell a story

The latter part will be an interactive exercise where the presenters will help you use your data to solve issues across agency lines, resulting with a takeaway you can use as a roadmap when returning home.

Martin Lind Katie Regan
Date & Time
Wednesday, November 3, 2021, 3:15 PM - 4:15 PM